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Engagement Party Questions:

I'm trying to help my Mom as much as I possibly can with the Engagement Party she's throwing for us. I've got a bunch of questions, though. For instance, who do we invite? What do we do while we're there? Is it a dinner event, or a tea, or after dinner?

So I guess my biggest question is, what did you do for your engagement party? Who did you invite? How many people showed up, and where was it hosted? What activities were there? How many people participated? Overall, did you like the way things went?

Also, is it proper to send out Engagement announcements to people who are not invited to the Engagement party? Do I send out announcements to those who are invited to the party? And, is it all right to send out Engagement Announcements and Save The Date notices, or should those be seperate?

P.S. If it makes a difference, we're planning a VERY LONG engagement. We've got our date set, but it's more than two years away.

Any feedback and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!
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