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Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 08:06 pm
would you like to affiliate with the_givers ?

I know, I should've prevented it to begin with . . . Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 04:51 pm
How can I go about hiding/getting rid of hickies on my neck (and shoulder)? I haven't had any in quite a long time and I think I might've attempted make-up and turtlenecks . . . but it's a bit warm for a turtleneck and my concealer stick and foundation are too dark for my neck. Is there any kind of special make-up or some other trick I can use? I wish I wore scarves, but even then I don't know if that would cover 'em up that well. :o/ Any way, thanks for any help!

New community Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 11:59 am
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Engagement Party? Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 06:21 pm
Engagement Party Questions:

I'm trying to help my Mom as much as I possibly can with the Engagement Party she's throwing for us. I've got a bunch of questions, though. For instance, who do we invite? What do we do while we're there? Is it a dinner event, or a tea, or after dinner?

So I guess my biggest question is, what did you do for your engagement party? Who did you invite? How many people showed up, and where was it hosted? What activities were there? How many people participated? Overall, did you like the way things went?

Also, is it proper to send out Engagement announcements to people who are not invited to the Engagement party? Do I send out announcements to those who are invited to the party? And, is it all right to send out Engagement Announcements and Save The Date notices, or should those be seperate?

P.S. If it makes a difference, we're planning a VERY LONG engagement. We've got our date set, but it's more than two years away.

Any feedback and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!

confused Aug. 24th, 2005 @ 05:33 pm
hello everyone I need some advice i would usually ask someone close to me for advice but i cant really trust them with this. Sorry its so long i want to give the full picture so everyone can give the best advice they can. I recentlty started haning out at the bar i work at where my aunt is a bartender the 1st time i was there I spent the night talking to a close friend of my aunt and uncles and he was really cool he told me he would "protect" me from all the losers in the bar which was great he bought me drinks and kept me company. The next time at the bar i purposley went on a night he was working again he gave me lots of attention told me i made his night better and i stayed with him till closing time and helped him clean up he called me a cab bought me ciggarettes and offered to pay for my cab. Hes always telling me I can do anything I want there and just nice things so anyway same thing the week after i went on a night he worked same night each week and we hung out he spends alot of time talking to me and i stayed this time much past closing time and we cleaned up and sat and had a few drinks together we got in a little trouble for being there so late but he said he didnt care we called a cab and went outside to wait because i had so much to drink i was kinda leaning on him outside and he had his arm around me and then the cab came and i went home i seen him a few days later and apologized for being drunk he said he didnt think i was drunk told me when he was working and said feel free to come get drunk lol i went when he told me and not many people were there so said i might leave he asked if i had something else to do because i could do what i wanted but he likes it when im there however a little while later in the night an old "friend" came in and he didnt have as much attention to give me but he did make some effort. Last weekend i went in and we hung out he told me i looked nice and same thing we talked all night he bought me drinks out of his tip money told me if i needed anything to ask and he would give me the money and i told him i was glad he worked and that i had asked and basically he knows i only go in when hes there and i like his company. so again i was there till closing and we hung out and he kept saying ok we can go in 20 minutes and every 20 minutes he would say 20 more lol Ive noticed a few times that we was looking at me from the other side of the room and he just really makes me feel special whether hes telling me i can do whateva i want or buying me drinks hes just a great guy. However because hes a friend of the family im afraid he gives me this attention because he sees it as taking care of me or something like that. Hes a pretty outgoing person anyway but he really seems to give me a lot of attention and hes always asking for hugs i recently seen him at a wake for a family member and he came right over and asked if he could do anything for me and then he asked for a hug but its weird because he kisses me on the head which is fine and i can understand but again I would like to know what you all think about this. Hes made a few comments to me that could be taken as he knows i like him and last week he was telling me he introuduced me to a few nice guys and i laughed and he said well IM a nice guy. I gave him my # because he was wondering how one of my sick relatives was and didnt want to keep bothering my aunt he didnt ask for the # i just gave it to him but he mentioned being at the bar the next night maybe and i told him to call me if he was gonna be there but he was there and he didnt call he said he left really early at 8 or 9
he always seems really interested in me and remembers things like what i was wearing last time i seen him if hes talking to someone else and its about old times he will say hey i dont like to leave her out of the convo and he makes me happy but i wanna know if sounds like he likes me or if hes just being nice to me
Im just afraid im taking it all wrong and i dont want to do anything to make me look stupid please help does this guy like me or what????
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» (No Subject)
im so confused i was with my boyfriend who i love more than anything for a year and a month and we broke up on our anniversary (may 5th) because we both needed time apart when we werent together it made me realize many things like how i really felt about him and i missed him like crazy and what i wanted more than anything was to be wtih him again and finally on tuesday (may 24th) he asked me back out and i said yes of course and we were happy but i dont get it he still loves me and everything but he ignores all my calls and never calls me back and doesnt tell me anything anymore like what hes doing and yesterday he went to the movies with his friends and he had already told me he would prolly go with me and my 2 friends sometime this week and now hes like i dont think ill have a ride or money but i bet you anything that if his friends ask him to go he would be there in a second i miss him i NEVER talk to him anymore and now i dont even see him because schools over and hes not even trying to make an effort to try to see me it makes me so sad i hate this why does he play with my heart this way i just dont get him hes so confusing i wish i knew what to do ive tried talking to him and he just tells me its all in my head and that im not thinking straight but like when i tell him i love him he just says ok not even a me 2 i dont know im confused and i dont know what to do anymore
» Anyone with any suggestions!
My journal is open and keeps a pretty accurate record of things. I'd appreciate what people think!! I've lost objectivity!
» (No Subject)
how do you get over the guy you know youre meant to be with?

i just dont know what to do anymore i love my exboyfriend we broke up on thursday after being together for a whole year and a month he said he needed sometime to think i dont see you he has to think but i think ive put all the pieces together and figuered out he likes someone else im just not sure who it is exactly and i dont want to ask him because i mean come on are you seriously going to tell your exgirlfriend who you were with since forever that you like someone else i dont know but im going crazy without him i dont know what it is before thursday i didnt love him as much as i do now i actually wanted to break up with him and stuff but now i cant stand the thought of being without him i wish i could just get over him but i cant i really love him :(
» IN Desperate Need Of Some Serious Advice! :-(
Dear Readers,
My name is Laura, and I'm 21 years old. This is the first time I've ever come into this community, and I am in some absolute desperate need of advice. The situation I'm about to discuss is going to involve a LOT of details, so for your convenience, I will use a LiveJournal cut for those who do not want their friends' page taking up so much room. Please, anyone and everyone who does read this, I really need all the help I can get. Well, here goes:

The Mistake Of Going For My Best Friend's Ex-BoyfriendCollapse )

Please, ANYONE, I'm begging you...Weigh in on the situation. What should I do? About Marcy? About Ron? Should I bother contacting Ron? Should I tell Marcy what went on? How should I do it, and when? Please, pleeeease anyone...Help me out here. Thank you
» (No Subject)
Ive been talking to this guy for a while now and he used to live where i lived at in fl and now he moved with his dad untill the summer in penn and we talk on the phone but not much ne more as b4 b/c he started school when we talk its like we talk bout deep personal questions and the things he says bout me and what he wants to do with me and be with me makes me think he likes me i told him how much i felt for him and all he told me was that he didint wanna tell me he liked me and then find a girl up in penn and hurt me but latley ive talked to him and he told me that he doesnt like the girls in his school there ugly so hes not with anyone that i know of right now but he told me that he wants to hang out wit me to get to know me more but for some reason he wont anwser me wethere he sees me as a friend or maybe more if hes feeling me or not you know what i mean? i dont know what to do how do i make this work out for when he comes back down here how do i win his heart and how do i know how he feels about me becuase im just so incredibly confused.

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